Why join HomeTek1.com? Tens of thousands of homes and commercial buildings "changed hands" last year. Many are/were in need of valuation. Do the sellers or new owners know how to find you? As you know, Many Real Estate professionals left the industry over the past year, including brokers, agents, insurance reps and others. Slowly new people are replacing those that left. Do these new people know what market YOU cover? Do they know what services YOU provide? Do they even know YOU ARE IN BUSINESS? You are probably aware that thousands of Home Services across the country are ordered from outside of the area where the home is located. Couple this with all the requests right in your home town, and there is a LOT of potential business available. Are you getting your fair share of this business? YOU NEED A COST EFFECTIVE WAY TO PUT YOUR NAME IN FRONT OF THE PEOPLE THAT GENERATE THIS BUSINESS.
Many Valuation and Sales Professionals lose business because they don't have an effective marketing plan to tell people across town (and across the country) who they are, what market they cover, what types of services they perform.... That's where we come in. HOMETEK1.com gives those that need you... a way to find you... in about 20 seconds. We continually market you... locally and around the country. How do we do this?
1. When you sign up with us we send YOUR information to Lenders, real estate agents, insurance companies, private individuals, and others who need your service.
2. We run advertisements in various trade papers and magazines. Thousands of people see these ads.
3. We use email campaigns, targeted faxes, mailers and phone calls.
4. Person to person contact.
5. If you have a website, we link it. If you don't, we give you YOUR OWN WEB ADDRESS. This on it's own could generate several new clients, and help keep the one's you have. People today expect to be able to find you on the web, make sure they can.

  • INCREASED INCOME.... 100% of the fee goes to you-No fee splits. Payment can be check at the door..no waiting for escrow to close and no wasting time trying to collect money.
  • LONG TERM CLIENTS... You work directly with your clients. No middlemen. Take care of them and the relationship could produce income for years.
  • REPEAT BUSINESS....... If someone uses you once and you do a good job, they will use you again. This could be your chance to get your foot in the door with clients you don't currently work with.
  • EXPOSURE.................. I guess you could "pretend" that you have been in business so long... that people will just call you. Forget that your competitors would love to have your clients. You know (dont you?) how important it is to have visibility.. Brand Identity. Start growing your business now.... or I guess you could wait for your competitors to sign up first. (No, you really don't want to do that!)

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